No One Ever Does Anything Alone

by Alyson Reed Pipe

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The songs on this album were written from May 21st to September 11th 2016.
They are about some really horrible feelings of despair I experience, but also about hope, and the things you can do to get through it.
Thanks to: Hannah Mary Burke, Rachel Dispenza, Luke Henderiks, Adam Styles, Rei Rodriguez, Kay Hammond, Andy Poole, Michael White, Alyssa Kai, Danni May, Rayne Lee Blakeman, and R.U.U.N.E
For in whole or in part inspiring songs and emotions, as well as conversations that led to songs.
Thanks to Penny Meth for helping me name the album
Additional thanks to any and every trans woman who has made herself emotionally vulnerable in the context of performance within a DIY scene. You all mean more to me and to the world than you could ever individually know. You are why I continue to do this


released September 12, 2016




Homocollective Howell, New Jersey

A collective of queer folk in the NJ/NY/PA tristate.
We distribute music, print, and art. Lots of folk and noise, gotta roll with that.

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Track Name: Interstate 76 Does. Not. End.
Interstate 76 Does. Not. End.
C G F C G F Fm
I can;t get any rest
while dysphoria tightens up my chest
makes feel alone
get me anywhere but home

take me to your house
make me feel safe
I’ll stay quiet as a mouse
the least I could do in exchange

After you run your race
I would cook dinner every night
Just give me a safe space
for my demons and I to fight

Bm to Bbm
I lay awake forever
exhaustive oblivion
I don’t know when it gets better
maybe I can sleep then
Track Name: Queer Geometry
Queer Geometry
C G Em F orrrr Em F C G doesn’t rly matter
I think that I'm allergic to the scent of your perfume
Cos my throat it starts to close whenever you walk in the room
Maybe it's muscle memory, my hands where I wish yours could be
Pressed into my neck
love's kindest embrace

Your soft form laying next to me feels more or less like poetry, no rules to constrain you that's the modern era's charm. Your facial structure is a study in
post-modern queer geometry, you're pinnacle androgyny, inspiring to view.

It’s been 3 days or maybe two.
my sense of time is shit w/out you
I have no reason to count down the minutes
If we’re being honest my heart isn’t in it
these lazy long hours running
days all 2gether

I really dig those looks people give us
when we’re walking on the street
Is that a boy or a girl?
Well wouldn’t you like to meet
us and find out?
Cause to tell you the truth
we don’t really know
But I do know that we’re cooler than you

Look at us
queer calm collected
I don’t think I could feel more respected
than I do
when I’m with you
& that’s a really good thing